Joy of Learning- Don't mind looking like the April Fool to achieve my dreams!

Updated: Apr 6

What I've Learned so far...4/1/2020

In February, I decide to start a business. I had an idea and wrote my thoughts on paper. I wanted to share with the world my desires, inspirations, and what brings joy to my soul. This idea has kept me motivated in living this life that I was given and spared two times over.

I must admit, I wanted to start a beauty product line at first. Somehow it turned into this website designed for women. I started finding things online that I love and are apart of my everyday life. It then developed into me wanting to find a way to support organizations that support mental health awareness and suicide prevention. As a result, I decide to have 10% of all my profits going to organizations that support this cause. Why? Well, it's very personal to me. I found light through all the types of items I sell online. A person dealing with depression, anxiety, and PTSD... the simple things in life can really be overwhelming. There are days when getting out of bed is hard. Walking into a crowd of people is difficult and simply speaking up for yourself is down right scary. Why not have this online store with social interaction (challenges, discussions, and groups)?

Plus, I really hate shopping in department stores with my anxiety. I often feel unsure when going into stores. I'm that girl that's in and out. No chit- chatting, no socializing, no girlfriend shopping trips to mall. I would rather have someone shop for me or just find things online. That's because I often change mind many times when deciding on items in store. I like clothing that is comfortable and relaxing. I'm not too much into trends, I just like what I like.